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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween @ Mint Museum 2009

As i mentioned.
I was invited to Mint Museum of Toys on 31/10/09 for Halloween Party!!
It was raining heavily i should say but luckily Mint Museum is just opp Raffles hotel..
So we park there and walk to the Museum..

Reached there and we were greated by the staffs and took a pic of me & dearie together + Popeye as well..Heex..
Its a paraoid instant camera..
We are able to keep the pic as a souvenir..
Thank you so much..

We start to tour around the museum after registeration..
Well, there's lucky draw...I hope i get to win some prize..Heex!

Greetings at the entrance is Astro Boy...
Oh ya, the dresscode is Toys..
But dearie say he got no shirts with toys etc..
I did asked him to dress as Astro Boy coz they kinda looked alike..
Whahaha..So this is a pose of him..

I wore a superman T-shirt..
I was thinking of renting a costume - Sailormoon
heex..But the rental was so expensive so drop the idea..
If its cheap, i sure go for it..coz my friends all know i love such thingy..
Dressing up in which every D&D my company had i would dress up to their theme..
Coz there's prize & fun!!

Door gift? Witch hat..Heex..
I think it looked awful on me so i took it down..Whahaa
Along our way, We saw Star Wars-Darth Vader..Whoohoo!

Dearie is extremely excited upon seeing..Hahaha..

The operation supervisor came to us and give us a tour of the museum..
We start at level 5-Outerspace

Astronauts..Many of them are still in working condition..
All you need is to wind them..
Wow..Working condition man!

He's the operation supervisor whom tour us around..
Very nice of him..
Very detailed & explanation of the Vinatge toys..
Thank you Sir!

Sir was telling us that these two pistol are very dangerous..
They need to be licenced in order to display it in the museum coz it still can fire..
Oh man!Beware!!

Many foreigners that come to the museum cant believe that the museum actually have his pyjamas..incredible collections!

Sir was telling us that this toy is still so new and most importantly the packaging(box)
will make the toy worth more if it is still around

This is the box! worth alot of $$$

For those who are aware who is Flash Gordon..
This is his first Comic book..

The only one that exist in the world..
Good collection!

Now level 4-Characters..

Do you know Casper got a girlfriend??
Really! No lie..Her name is Wendy..

String attached..It is to tie the chicken in the past..

Dearie is interested in toys!

Batman comics in chinese

Robin with eye mask on..
Look below and see what is the difference?

Ans is Robin with Mask on..
This is the only toy that shows Robin real features..

The Japanese 8 Man..Hmmm..No wonder there's a number 8 there

This poster is the original piece and was displayed in the museum cornor with no lights..
Coz it will degrade the original poster..Turned yellowish as well

The scary snow white

The 7 dwarfs

Now level 3-Childhood Favourites

Do you know Cocktail drink Shirley Temple??
She's a little gal in fact..Wow...
I didnt know it at all till now!
Along the way. i saw mickey..was excited..
But then a closer look...
Why is mickey so ugly??Goodness..
Anyway, we are not allowed to take picture with flash light this is because showcase are all vintage toys using old paint, the flash will degrade the paint..
There are dolls everywhere..from china etc...
I was telling dearie..wad happens if they come to real in the night??
Just like Night at the museum...Hmmm...
Betty Boop collections..
Snow White & the seven dwarfs..
Darlie..They are so Vintage ya!
Level 2-Collectables

Match boxes with different designs..
Many Many of them..
The Monkees collections
Who are the Monkees?? They are formed to compete against The beatles..
Hmmm? Of course The Beatles are stronger!
The beatles rockx
This is the imitation toys as per Sir..
Spot the 2 differences??
The below one is the real ones..
1) One of them palyed drum
2) One of them is left-handed playing guitar
Got it??Cool ya!
The real one..
Dearie like this toy..
Coz its AWS!! = Bonus..Hahaha..
We are told to go to have some food provided..
Dearie is hungry..coz we haven eat dinner yet..
Thanks Mint Museum, National Heritage Board & Omy for the food!
There are many food..Nice too!
Drinks avaliable too if you feel thirsty..
Free Portrait drawing...
We did a caricature drawing..
The guy drew something for us..
Our Childhood games..
I love the marbles especially..
Mickey at the entrance..
The cafe at basement..
We went down to take a look..
There's also a screen at the entrance showing old shows..
Guess wad??
There's more food at the basement cafe!!There's dessersts..
And prawn salads as well as some bread with fillings such as mushrooms..
A lady who does Tarot cards reading..
Very true and i gonna believe her...
Our Souvenirs of the event..
Thank you so much..
At this event i have gained more knowlege on Vintage Toys and i love the Tarot card reading especially!..
This event is a success all thanks to National Heritage Board, Mint Museum of Toys as well as Omy.sg where it gives us the youngster a very different side of museum.
Thanks Alvin lim too for selecting me to this event..Thank you!
Thanks for everything! I enjoyed my night at the Mint Museum of Toys..
Dear all, for more information, you can log on to NHB's social media initiatives sites Here

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