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Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Honours result celebration

Its Thursday Night..
Where are we???

Bought a griller for Don's housewarming and head to Timbre for our dinner..
Its a celebration of our results..
What results???
Our Bachelor Honours in Marketing..
We received our result on wednesday and we are so Happy with it!!!
I am..
The past two years of efforts..
The result will be wth me Forever..

Cheers to our results..
I got a 2nd Upper Class and Dearie got 2nd lower class...
He's thought he will get a 3rd class but surprisingly its a bonus to him!!
The place was fully packed!!!

I recommend timbre chicken wing to him..
Its serving hot!!!

A mixture of Seafood & Cajun chicken pizza

We had too much...
Kinda full and played our game..

There's liveband!! We simply enjoys it..
Love the atmosphere..

Taking pic...

Deep in my heart..
I do wanna thank him for his efforts during school days..
Having a part-time studies is not easy..
moreover, after a long day at work, attending night class
followed by sending me back home is indeed tiring!
I love Saturday class where we will have time to plan our dinner venues etc..
Thanks for the support that you gave me..Helping me in my petition..

Thank you dearie!



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